ADP Surface Solutions

Turf stabilisation solutions for golf clubs exclusively available from Whitemoss Eco Supplies

ADP are the UK’s leading supplier of turf stabilisation systems. Their products, have been designed to give grass the strength to handle wear and traffic in a wide range of applications including golf, sports pitches, amenity and events areas, permanent and temporary car parks and grassed service access routes.

The principal products in the range include:


This system consists of specially prepared Whitemoss Eco rootzone containing thousands of small interlocking plastic mesh elements. Grass cover is established using purpose grown turf. As the roots develop, they penetrate the mesh to form a deep anchored root system and a stable, free draining and compaction resistant rootzone with high load bearing capabilities and increased wear tolerance.

TechTurf provides a completely natural grassed surface with no visible structures or trip hazards.

These characteristics make TechTurf an ideal choice for golf tees and ‘in-play’ access routes, sports pitches and amenity areas. It also has a proven track record in the stabilisation of grassed slopes and is widely used to create grassed access routes for emergency and service vehicles. All of the ADP products enable natural infiltration of rainwater and are suitable for incorporation in Sustainable Drainage Systems.

ADpave 50

A flexible, cellular, clip-together paving system which can be installed using a ‘Rapid-Install‘ method or laid on a prepared sub-base. The paver “cells” can be filled with a growing medium and then seeded to create a grassed finish, or filled with aggregate and used as an effective gravel retention system. Grass and gravel combinations provide the ideal solution for landscaped areas.

Manufactured from 100% re-cycled polymers, the unique flexibility of this system enables ADpave 50 to handle slopes, undulating ground and differential settlement without fracture or dislocation.

Widely used to create car parks, maintenance access routes, buggy paths and walkways that blend into the natural environment.

ADpave 25

A lighter weight version of the ‘ADpave’ cellular paving system, designed to be installed directly on top of existing grassed areas and requires no excavation or substructure. At only 25mm deep, the system is virtually invisible within 2 – 3 months of installation.

It provides excellent protection for existing turf that is used for overflow parking or access by lighter weight traffic. It is the ideal solution for golf clubs seeking to protect their turf whilst providing access routes for golf buggies and maintenance equipment.

Exceptionally easy to lay and relocate if required, ADpave 25 is suitable for both permanent and temporary applications.


GrassRoute is a heavy duty grass protection grid which is supplied on a roll. It is ideal for use on grass access routes and grassed overspill car parks. Installation is fast and economical. GrassRoute is simply unrolled over existing grass and pegged into place using fixing pins.

It prevents erosion of the grass and damage to the surface during wet weather. Available in two grades – 12mm and 14mm – it is capable of handling all types of traffic, from pedestrians, cycles and wheelchairs to cars, caravans and even heavier weight vehicles.

It is the ideal solution for overspill car parks and can be used to provide access routes for emergency and service vehicles, taxiways and runways for light aircraft and to reinforce grass verges. GrassRoute provides stable access for wheelchairs over grassed areas.


The most lightweight of the products, this is a tough, flexible polyethylene mesh, which is simply unrolled and pegged out onto firm ground.

It can be installed over existing turf or seed can be sown over it to establish grass cover.

Turfguard helps to reduce wear on grass and prevent surface erosion.

It is widely used to protect grassed areas that may be used for occasional parking and has been extensively used on golf courses to protect turf on much used walkways as well as many other landscape applications.