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The 3-dimensional sand retention and drainage matting that traps the sand within the open structure of the fibres, enabling sand to be held on steeper bunker slopes while still allowing internal water movement. Also acts as an effective barrier, limiting contamination of bunker sands by fines from the subsoil. Allows creation of bunkers with more dramatic shapes and structures.

ECO AquaPanel

Ideal for use on fairways, greens, bunkers, equestrian arenas and many other sports field applications, ECO AquaPanel is a high void structure produced from 100% recycled thermoplastic materials. This allows for far greater drainage capacity AND structural stability than traditional aggregate or pipe drainage. Panels, which can be installed vertically or horizontally, are also 75% lighter than aggregates making them fast, clean and easy to install.

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Ben Law Joins the "family" business

Ben joins the company in a customer focused role. Servicing the East of England from Durham to Leicester, along with Derbyshire, and Cheshire Working with Sales Director Mike Crabtree, Midlands Manager, Mike Whitehouse and his Father, Andy Law; Ben will widen the scope of the business and develop sales from the new Yorkshire quarry as well as continuing the great progress of the BunkerMat bunker liner and other specialist products.

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Following successful careers with other well known companies in the amenity industry, Mike Crabtree, Sharon Law and Andy Law formed Whitemoss in January 1998.

From the outset the ethos of Whitemoss has been to deliver complete customer satisfaction. The company now produces a comprehensive range of specific Top Dressings, Root Zones and Tees / Divot Mixes but what clearly sets it apart is the willingness and ability – through a very close working relationship with their main supplier – to “customise” any product in range to meet customer specific needs. (Thankfully, most of their 600 plus regular customers are happy with standard products!)

Following feedback from many customers over the last few years, Whitemoss developed…

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