EIGCA Bronze Partner

EIGCA Bronze Partner

ECO Paths

Perm E TrakPerm E Trak

Perm E Trak is a 38mm profile Porous Polyurethane Resin blended with recycled rubber and a choice of coloured aggregates

ECO TurfGuardECO Turf Guard

A polymeric grass protection mesh that offers protection to the crown of the grass and is suitable for light traffic such as pedestrians and golf trolleys.

ECO GrassTrakECO Grass Trak

A grass protection mesh that offers a higher degree of protection than Turfguard. Also supplied on the roll it is easy to install and is fixed using steel U pins.

ECO BuggyTrakECO Buggy Trak

Heavy duty, interlocking polymeric paver system, suitable for constructing buggy or maintenance tracks around golf courses and sports fields.


BunkerMat is used in golf bunkers to retain sand on steep slopes. It works by trapping sand within the open structure of the Bunkermat fibres which allows the sand to be held on steeper bunker slopes. It has been used around the World on many golf courses including a number of championship courses.

Latest news

Golf Course Architecture

Infinite Variety Golf Design nears completion of Hulencourt renovation

Frank Pont and Hendrik Hilgert of Infinite Variety Golf Design are approaching completion of a renovation of the Le Vallon course at Golf Club Hulencourt, near Brussels, Belgium. BunkerMat is being installed in all bunkers.

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Whitemoss Eco launch new website

Our new website design is now live! Please keep checking back for the latest updates.

Golf Course Architecture

Jonathan Davison restores bunker style at Carlisle Golf Club

Golf course architect Jonathan Davison of Create Golf is overseeing a project to bring Mackenzie Ross design elements back to Carlisle Golf Club in the north of England.

“The work has seen a full bunker remodel using Whitemoss Eco’s BunkerMat, some clearing of trees, and the restoration of some fairway lines,” said Davison.

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“From the outset the ethos of Whitemoss has been to deliver complete customer satisfaction.”

About Us

Following successful careers with other well known companies in the amenity industry, Mike Crabtree, Sharon Law and Andy Law formed Whitemoss in January 1998.

From the outset the ethos of Whitemoss has been to deliver complete customer satisfaction. The company now produces a comprehensive range of specific Top Dressings, Root Zones and Tees / Divot Mixes but what clearly sets it apart is the willingness and ability – through a very close working relationship with their main supplier – to “customise” any product in range to meet customer specific needs. (Thankfully, most of their 600 plus regular customers are happy with standard products!)

Following feedback from many customers over the last few years, Whitemoss developed a sand which is an ideal replacement for natural links sands – and this product is now widely specified by Links courses for bunker use.

In addition to to the development of the sand, Whitemoss also supply BunkerMat. A 3-dimensional sand retention and drainage matting, BunkerMat® traps the sand within the open structure of the fibres, enabling sand to be held on steeper bunker slopes, whilst still allowing internal water movement.
Whitemoss was the first major supplier of bulk materials to introduce Green Compost across its entire range to replace non-sustainable organic amendments. This has been a huge success for the company and, since its introduction in 1999, Green Compost has been adopted by the vast majority of customers. Today, there are only about 10 customers who still prefer to specify soil or peat rather than Whitemoss’ pas100/2005 certified Green Compost.

Over the past 5 years Whitemoss has continued to dedicate funds, time and energy in the search for more sustainable materials for use on Golf, Soccer, Rugby, Bowling and other Green areas to contribute to making the industry as a whole more “Eco”friendly – hence the extension of the company name to WhitemossEco.
The company motto “ Greener by Design” is a way of doing business – not simply a sales pitch. Maybe it should be Greener by Desire!
“Sustainability in Sport” is not just an ambition at Whitemoss – it is now an achievement!

Meet Our Team

Andy Law

Andy Law

Andy has been involved in the amenity industry since 1989 and has specialised in soils and sports sand technology since 1992.
He is an acknowledged expert in the field – and if he doesn’t have the answer, he will know who does.

Contact Details

  • andy@whitemosseco.org.uk
  • 07970 752034
Sharon Law

Sharon Law

Sharon has worked in the amenity industry since leaving school and has a wealth of experience to offer to customers.
She is the voice of calm and reason in the Whitemoss office when the pressure is really on.

Contact Details

  • sharon@whitemosseco.org.uk
  • 07977933141
Mike Crabtree

Mike Crabtree

Involved in the amenity industry since 1991, Mike offers a wealth of knowledge of aggregates and associated products to the customers served by Whitemoss.

Contact Details

  • mike-c@whitemosseco.org.uk
  • 07970 815146
Emily-Kate Law

Emily-Kate Law

Emily is the Sales office & customer service manager for Whitemoss Eco.


Contact Details

  • emily-kate@whitemosseco.org.uk
  • 07795395669
Ben Law

Ben Law

Ben is the Technical manager for the West Midlands, Cheshire, Derbyshire and Yorkshire.

Contact Details

  • ben@whitemosseco.org.uk
  • 07837 820438

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