Ancillary Products


WhitemossEco has been appointed as a distributor of the range of specialist soil conditioners from Earth-Tec Ltd.

The products in the range include:

EarthCharge™ – designed to produce multiple and positive reactions within the soil to stimulate unique effects with the plant.

EarthZyme™ – a complete system for micro-organism stimulation.

EarthLife™ – a specially blended liquid energiser

EarthResponse™ – a new, superior (N) plant therapy system.

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WhitemossEco is now a distributor of the Inturf range of thin cut quality turf.

The range is available in a number of varieties suitable for diverse applications including:

• Golf tees and green

• General landscaping

• Domestic lawns

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Prevents ball plugging… Makes collection easier

Tough polymer mesh, simply unroll and peg down on existing turf. Stops balls plugging into the surface during wet periods. The mat virtually disappears as grass grows through the mesh.

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