Natural Mineral Rootzone Enhancer


EcoLite is a 100% natural mineral named Zeolite (Clinoptilolite – Ca, K2, Ka2, Mg, 4A18, Si40, O96 x 24H2O)

that possesses a highly active Cation Exchange Capacity that enhances all types of rootzones.


Increases nutrient buffer capacity.

Increases firmness of playing surface characteristic.

Improves moisture retention.

Reduces irrigation costs.

Prevents anaerobic conditions (Blacklayer)

Does not increase organic matter.

Aerates compacted rootzones and aids drainage.

Non-toxic to humans and wildlife.

Reduces leaching of Nitrates NO3 in to ground water.

Reduces fertilizer requirements.

Reduces compaction in wear areas.

Easy to apply and can be incorporated with top dressing practices.

pH Value: 6.5-7.5

Particle Size: 0-3mm

Application Rate: 0.250 – 1 kg/m3

Bag Size: 25kg